• Image of Shin Sekai A1 Print (includes Waq Waq Kingdom 'Shin Sekai' Digital Download)

Behold the new world.

Shin Sekai is the new tropical psychedelic vision from Simon Fowler, marking a new expansion in Fowler's colour pallet and use of layering.

Shin Sekai was crafted over the late summer of 2016 in London and completed whilst staying near Shin Sekai inNishinari-Ku, Osaka with the incredible debut album by Waq Waq Kingdom (Dj Scotch Egg, Kiki Hitomi, Andrea Belfi) of the same name as catalyst.

The print comes with a download code for Waq Waq Kingdom's Shin Sekai album as standard as the music and art are inseparable.
Hang the print on your wall, smoke one and turn up the volume on your amp. O)))))))))))